The Christian Road Map

My 12 year old son asked for an example of “Perfect Christian.”  I mentioned some people in our family that operate in the fruits of the spirit according to Galatians 5:22, 23.  I told him that no one is perfect, but that is why God forgives us of our sins so that we can be blameless in front of him.  At church the next day, the Lord began to give me scriptures to share with him so that he can have a road map to perfection in Jesus Christ.

  1.  Romans 10:9 This is the scripture that is the blueprint that everyone must follow in order to receive the gift of salvation.  This scripture tells you that you must believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and God sent Christ to die and rose from the dead for our sins.
  2. John 14:26 This scripture is Jesus promising the helper which is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you the things of God that you will need to know as you walk throughout your life.  The Holy Spirit can only bring to remembrance the things of God.  This will help you focus on the things of God when you want to do things that are against what God’s instructions are for your life.
  3. Proverbs 3:5, 6 In this passage of scripture the approach to dealing with every decision in your life is laid out in simplicity.  The scripture is telling you to trust God over your own thoughts and understanding of life.  As a young person you are constantly being given instructions and you are starting to make your own decisions.  The best decision that you can make as a child of God is to trust in his wisdom (intelligence/instructions within the Bible) over your own.
  4. John 15:5 In school you learn what a simile is, which is making a comparison using the words “like” or “as.”  The simile in this scripture compares the relationship that you should have with God as a believer is the same as a tree and its branches.  God is the vine and we as believers are the branches.  If you keep this relationship with God you will live a life like the branch that bears fruit when it is connected to a strong tree.
  5. Romans 12:1, 2 We live in a world that is driven by desires to be popular, in style, and accepted.  The culture is featured in today’s music, movies, sports, and video games and it is trying to shape how you see yourself and the world around you.  This scripture instructs you to present your total self to Jesus Christ for his purpose for your life.  The fight for your mind is a battle that will take place throughout your life.  Your behaviors begin with thoughts.  You have to keep your mind focused on Christ at all times.

There are countless scriptures that focus on the behaviors that we should exhibit as Christians.  Too many times Christianity is presented to young people as a bunch of rules with a promise of eternal life at the end.  Many times young people look for a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” constantly determining whether something is wrong or right in their own eyes.  If you take the time to read and understand these scriptures you will truly begin to create a relationship with Jesus Christ that will keep you for the rest of your life.

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