Help me find My Way

Help me find My Way


Lord I know there are forces where I’m living

That makes me feel like I’m in prison

If I know the truth, I know I’ll be made free

So I believe the 16th verse of John chapter 3

This explains exactly how much you really love me

And then I go and read John 10 and 10

To recognize the difference between a foe and friend

Lord you’re a friend that sticks closer than a brother

Please order my steps so that I can discover

The life that the enemy has conspicuously covered

I am wonderfully made to be like none other

I come in total submission on a mission for living

A life for and with you with all of my sins forgiven

There are so many things in you that I must learn

Like the ability to spiritually see and discern

So I will be in good standing upon your return

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