Lord Down Here…

Lord down here on earth we have Crips & Bloods
And other Young people dying in search of Love
Violence begets violence when it’s raining slugs
Pouring out a little liquor reminiscing of..
Soldiers who didn’t make it down here at home
So many people place the fallen with you at your throne
You said that you are the way the truth & the light in John 14:6
Satan disguised as an angel of light, one of his oldest tricks
He is the thief described in   John 10:10
You are the resurrected Savior that is coming again
So many people celebrate you around Easter
But don’t live a life preparing to meet ya
I know judgment begins in the house with the preacher
I’m just a poet disguised as a teacher
Working   Luke 4:18 helping to heal the oppressed
Who are willing to kill or die over where they live and how they dress
 In Jesus name I pray and write…Amen

©timothydavidjones @tdj6899 www.mymindsview.com

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