The Classroom

An Algebra Word Problem in the form of a full Hip-Hop Song
By Timothy “OpTIMuS” Jones

Verse One
I’m little Opt from the block where the young thugs meet
Going home all alone can’t hang on these streets
Sixteen on the scene where the Po-Po dwell
Passed the ones with a bottle and a story to tell
To building 12 1-C go and greet the fam
My dad said son its time to make your plan
I talked to my boss and he said it’s cool
Your summer job will begin right after school
Just decide on a schedule and I’ll work it out
But make sure that you can do it no room for doubt
Me and mom sat down and devised a plan
The total amount that I need is just above a grand
A thousand eighty to be exact as a matter of fact
How many weeks can I work before I have to go back
To practice for the year remember I’m running track
I know you got eight weeks with no time to slack

Sample: (Tonight’s the night (2x)) for Optimus to make dough
Vocal: Concentrate to get it straight making moves for sure

Verse Two
Now I gotta have time just to hang with my friends
Comprehend make my ends different plans to blend
Like playing ball catching flicks chilling at the mall
It’s summer summer time, time for Opt to do them all
So first let me sit down and scheme it right
Cause I got to give my Dad my work hours tonight
I got the amount that I need for my summer and school
The amount of weeks that I work and a shift that’s cool
Let me see what can I figure got to do it today
Hold up I need to know what is my hourly pay
I yell the question downstairs so I had to holla
The response came up saying I make six dollars
But remember ten percent of that will go to tax
So don’t complain when your take home isn’t six exact
I take a pen and multiply six by point nine
So every hour I’m taking in five and four dimes

Sample: (Tonight’s the night (2x)) for Optimus to make dough
Vocal: Concentrate to get it straight making moves for sure

Verse Three
Like a coach with a clipboard let’s design the play
To figure out how many hours I’m a work a day
First I take a G Eighty and divide and by eight
The goal amount by the weeks between my start and end date
So now I split it and I flipped it into one thirty five
That’s how much I’ve got to touch to keep my eyes on the prize
I’m getting close but I must divide one more time
I hope your catching that I’m rapping solving math in a rhyme
Now for every hour that I work five forty is mine
Signed on the early shift so I can have sunshine
To just chill around the way and play with all of my friends
With my allowance in my pocket cause I’m saving my ends
The solution to this equation is twenty five
The result of five point four into one thirty five
Now twenty five by five is five a day
Nine to two then I’m through watch me walk this way
Out the chair down the stairs to my dad and mom
Let them know proof to show that I figured it out
Extended hand to clap the man inside of his palm
Upstairs no cares peace I’m out and I’m gone

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